The Railway Inn: family lounge

The art gallery: our living room

Our living room, the Railway Inn 1954-1957, now an art gallery. In this room, the murals were found.


olive and janjohn and jan fireplace2011

Olive and Janet 1956 | Janet and John 2008 | Gallery 2011

The fireplace over half a century


Art Gallery
Living room now an art gallery 2010.

Living room used for storage in 2008

Olive and Janet
Olive and Janet. The fireplace has been retained in the art gallery.

John Snr playing piano
The piano was always a central part of our life. Janet is startled by the photographer’s flash.

Young John with radiogram
Young John loading radiogram with LPs.

Janet and teddy bear.
Janet and teddy. The wall at the back of the sofa is where young John saw the “devils”. The fireplace is on the wall facing.

Janet and young John.
Janet and young John

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