Stopfordian Tales

Stopfordian Tales

An early variant of the name Stockport is Stopford, based presumably on the ford across the Mersey that existed at one time across the Mersey. at the foot of Bridge Street Brow. Stopfordian as an adjective is sttill in use to this day for Stockport-related items, and pupils of Stockport Grammar School style themselves Stopfordians.

Tales from the Vault

My brother has inherited my father's ability to captivate an audience with comic tales about pub life. In “Tales from the Vault”, John shares some of those richly comic moments. The first two stories come from a period slightly later when our family had moved into our second pub, “The Church Inn”...

The tale of "Sticky" Edwards

A travelling salesman enjoys a pint

Edgeley Tales

Al Fairhurst has kindly contributed a couple of stories from his childhood in Edgeley.

Remember the seventies obsession with the paranormal? I do. We would use a makeshift board with bits of paper and a beaker. Al, it appears, was the owner of a genuine Waddington's Ouija board! Al tells us of the terrifying consequences of dabbling with the supernatural in his first story...

An Edgeley Ghost Story

Al's second tale gives us a vivid glimpse into Stockport life in the sixties.

Edgeley remembered

Al is currently in the process of a semi-autobiographical project which includes the central character's childhood memories of growing up in Stockport. Al gives us a taster in his account "Edgeley Remembered" We're hoping to serialise his story in the coming months.

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