Railway Inn – before we arrived!

I’ve just been contacted by John Wilson who has commented:

“My mother’s sister had the Railway in the early 1950′s. Their names were Mathew and Sally Bent. I presume they had the Pub before your Parents. ”

Thanks John for getting in touch! It’s great to hear from you and good to extend our knowledge of the Railway before we arrived. Have you any memories that you can add to the website or pictures of Mathew and Sally?

By the way, John, I tried to contact you directly using email but for a mysterious reason my emails aren’t getting through and they keep coming back to me… grrr computers!

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Alexandra Park – name that face!

Here’s a picture of my brother’s schooldays. It was taken at Alexandra Park School in 1958 when John was 13.
Click here for more information.

journeyintohistory.co.uk - Alexandra Park Secondary yr3 - 1958

Alexandra Park Secondary yr3 - 1958

journeyintohistory.co.uk - Alexandra Park - reference

Alexandra Park - reference

John has made a start of naming his schoolmates as follows:

1 = John Nicholson (Nick)
4 = Ian Murphy (Spud)
8 = Crawford Wilson (Wilbur)
9 = Mr Briddock
22 = Lawrence Hayes (Lorrie)
25 = Dave Simpson (Simmy)

Another good friend of mine was Pete Whittaker (Whitty) , he’s on other photographs that will be published later.

Can you fill in any of the other names?

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Name that face!

Olive, John Snr and clientelle in Vault

Olive, John Snr. and clientelle in Vault

Isn’t this photo evocative of the early fifties? Wouldn’t it be great to know who all these people were? I can only offer two names, those of my Mum and Dad: Olive and John Nicholson Snr (numbers 14 and 3).

Key to image

Key to image

So, over to you Can you Name that Face?

If you have any information, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and add your comment.

Janet Nicholson

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New Content – Stockport School Nostalgia

Expect an update to the website in the near future! We have some more photos to share with you relating to John’s time at Alexandra Park School. John will be providing background to the photographs soon.

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Tales from the Vault

Make sure to keep an eye on our latest page, “Tales from the Vault” where John remembers hilarious moments from The Railway Inn and Church Inn. The latest snippet from John Nicholson’s “Notes of a Life” is the tale of “Sticky Edwards”, to be released later this week.

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Help from CAMRA

Hi all,
John Clarke, the chairman of the  Stockport and South Manchester branch  of the Campaign for Real Ale has generously been doing some research for us. He reports that:


“While the Railway ended its days as a Wilson’s pub, they only acquired it in 1949 when they took over the Salford brewery Walker & Homfray. However Walker & Homfray acquired it from Daniel Clifton & Co in 1923. Clifton’s were a Stockport firm who brewed at the Royal Oak Brewery at the top of Hillgate. This still exists and is currently being converted into flats – there was an article about this in last week’s Stockport Express.”

This is really helpful information, John. Thank you!

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Video added to the site

I have finally managed to process the home movie I took in 2008 when the murals were discovered. You can find it on the murals page. I’ve also taken the opportunity to add a few more photos.

I’ve lots more photos to share with you, so please do keep coming back!


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New Local History Website created

Journeyintohistory.co.uk celebrates the opening of the new gallery in Turners arts and crafts in Stockport.

Over fifty years ago 91 Wellington Road was a boisterous, smoke filled public house called the Railway Inn and was home to my family. I was an infant then, so my memories are scant, but my brother has rich memories of the period.  The combination of John’s recollections and our family photos provide a fascinating insight into a bygone age.

Devils in the walls

Devils in the walls

One of the strangest anecdotes that John  recounts is of the days that the “Devils in the Walls” were discovered. You can read about  “The Devils in the Walls” here.

Recently, some murals have come to light, and you can view these for yourself in the new art gallery.

Janet Nicholson

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