Name that face!

Olive, John Snr and clientelle in Vault

Olive, John Snr. and clientelle in Vault

Isn’t this photo evocative of the early fifties? Wouldn’t it be great to know who all these people were? I can only offer two names, those of my Mum and Dad: Olive and John Nicholson Snr (numbers 14 and 3).

Key to image

Key to image

So, over to you Can you Name that Face?

If you have any information, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and add your comment.

Janet Nicholson

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28 Responses to Name that face!

  1. John says:

    I think that 5 was a waitress and I believe her name was Rose. I do remember that one of “the vault lads” had a nickname: “Johnny from Hull”.

  2. Carole says:

    7 is Andy Miller, his wife Nelly was a waitress at Essoldo Cinema Stockport. He had a son George who was partime barman in pub.
    13 I think is Cyril Bull. He had a daughter called Valerie aged about 10 in 1955. They lived in John St Stockport.

  3. Eric from Shaw Heath says:

    I enjoyed a pint in the Railway many times with Tom Whyatt the pub cellerman he was a Sgt Major in the Great War he lived with his sister in Hazel Grove hes not on photos shown. do you have any more which might show him? Also any of a redheaded waitress called May Ramscar. Very plesant Ithink she lived in new flats near London Square. Liked scary story of Devils!

    • john says:

      Hi Eric
      Thanks for query and sorry for delay in responding. How wonderful that you remember Tom Wyatt. When Mum and Dad took over the pub they “inherited” Old Tom who was the incumbent cleaner/cellar-man. He spent much of his leisure time with us, after he’d finished his daily duties in the pub, doing errands for my parents, shopping etc and when we moved to the Church Inn on Love Lane, Heaton Norris, he went with us. He doted on my sister Janet who was only a tot at that time. When he learned that we were leaving the pub life in 1959 he was desolated.
      I’m sorry I have no snaps of him (I wish I had). I’ve checked out the ones at Church Inn as well and drawn a blank also. I thought his sister lived in Reddish, but I’m sure you’re right. I remember he used to call Hazel Grove “Azul Grove” so there must be a connection.

  4. ex teddy boy says:

    Used to go from Town hall dances in interval. also to New inn next door were Nelly Mcgrail was owner. Robbis pub. Went to Nelson as well. Do you have any fotos of Sammy Bostock. He was well known in stockport and used many locals. he was a tatter and when he locked himself out of his house his solluton was to punch a hole in window with his fist. result= hospital

    • john says:

      Ref: ex teddy boy
      Thanks for input.Sammy was a well known character in Stockport. He also frequented our 2nd pub: Church Inn, 110 Love Lane, Heaton Norris. He may be on the photos, but I only know him by reputation. As the site grows we’re looking for input to help to name the people shown – so keep checking.
      Best wishes , John Nicholson Jnr.

  5. john says:

    Hello again Eric
    Sorry no photo of May Ramscarr, but remember her well.

  6. stan says:

    I were only a young lad back in the 50s so cant help with identification cos I used to go in singing room with girlfriend remember Johnny Nick well, great on piano. We also remember when he laid on a skiffle group complete with tea chest bass!. Yeah, I think I can remember Andy Miller. There were also a barman called Jock (memories fade, well it was 60 years ago).

  7. Derek and Jean (Stockport) says:

    Amazing!!!. We will definately be paying a visit to the old Railway inn site. Hopefully we can view the attic and the murals. The Tales from the Vault were fantastic. What characters, keep up the good work.
    Best wishes Derek and Jean Taylor from Heaton Mersey

  8. Joan&Brian (50s' stars!!!) says:

    We were “bright young things” in 1957, we met at a dance at the town hall (we were 17&19). Love at first sight!!! Went to the Railway for a babycham and a pint, listened to the great pianist (who we assume , from the Blog was John Nicholson Snr) and fell in love listening to a medley of great music. Everyone sang along-so did we…. we’ve been singin’ along since!!! So pleased to have discovered your site. Do give us the rest of the “Tales from the Vault”. Why don’t you publish them?

    • John says:

      Hello Joan and Brian
      Thank you for your very nice memories. The pianist was my father John Nicholson Snr; he loved to play in the pub (it was a lot easier than serving behind the bar!!!!!) and attracted a lot of custom.
      We’re hoping to publish all the stories later, if we can find a publisher. We’re praying that someone will view the site and make us an offer.
      Best regards
      John Nicholson Junior

  9. Jemma says:

    My Nan has just arrived home from her 84th birtday bash and I showed her this amazing site. She remembers John + Olive and their little girl janet when they were at the Railway. Nan was a part time waitress and remembers little Janet as a purloiner of large bottles of lemonade from behind the bar!!!!!. I am assuuming that the Janet then is the same Janet now who’s inputting this????

  10. Alexandra Park old boy says:

    To John
    You must be the John Nicholson who was at Alex Park School, Edgeley in the 50s? Was your nickname Nick? I was in the same class as you (Mr Briddock). I remember you lived in the pub near the hospital which must have been the Railway Hotel. I’ve completely lost touch as we moved away in 1960. Do you remember any of the others such as Laurie Hayes, Crawford Wilson,Spud Murphy?

  11. John "Nic" Nicholson says:

    Ref: Alex Park Old Boy
    Yes I was the “Nic”that you mention. How marvelous to hear from you! I’ve got wonderful memories of my time at Alex Park……… so many great people! Sorry that you lost touch – so did I when my family moved to Chelmsford in ’59. I’d be very interested to know which of my former class mates you are, but I do remember my old mates: “Lorry” Hayes, “Wilbur” Wilson and “Spud”. Other good pals were David “Simmy” Simpson and Pete “Whitty” Whittaker and many more, too numerous to mention.
    As part of the heritage history theme of this site, in a couple of months we’re going to show a number of class photos from around 57-59 and I’ll name as many as I can remember. Keep tuned in and ultimately you might be able to name yourself!
    One tiny point the correct name of the pub was Railway Inn (not Hotel)

  12. Jill says:

    I clicked on Stockport History and found your site and enjoyed v much Tales from Vault, especially the Sticky story. I showed it to my Dad and he says he remember him. He says he was a regular at the Church Inn. He also says that he recalls a thickset blond lad who was a good darts player called Steve Donohue.

    Are you planning to do a similar photo challenge with the Church Inn? It would be wonderful if Dad was on it!

    Keep up the good work, Best wishes!

  13. John Nicholson jnr says:

    Hello Jill
    We have photos of the cup winning Church Inn darts team and on it is someone who matches your Dad’s description. I also remember, in conversation, my Dad referring to someone who he called Steve (surname pronounced “d’noo”); I’m assuming that this is the same Steve Donohue (or maybe Donough?) that your Dad remembers?
    Your Dad may well be on the photos and we do intend to show them and invite a recognition challenge later this year, so keep checking in.
    Regards John Nicholson jnr

  14. Alex Park old pupil number 2!!!! says:

    Hi Nic
    What a great site. I can’t help with pub photos —– I was only 14 at the time!!!!!, but cant wait for the Alex Parkschool photos. Saw Alex Pk Old Boy message….. who is he????? I do remember you Nic (its been a long time since I last saw you!!!!!). I remembr the lads mentioned and Mr Briddock and Mr Heaven and do you rmember Denise Holland+ Jacqueline (lived in Dale St, Edgeley)+Barbara Stanley+ Joy Foster??????

  15. John "Nic" Nicholson says:

    Hello Alex Park 2
    I remember all the girls that you mentioned and I’m sure we’ve got the photos that include them (we’ll be showing them soon). Can’t help with identity of “Alexandra Park old boy”—– our website gives total anonymity when people post comments (which is a great feature and we hope it will encourage wholesale participation by other former Alex Park people).

  16. Retired Teacher says:

    Murals & “Devils in the Walls” story
    What a remarkable website and such an amazing story! You must introduce this to a new generation of younger readers. My former pupils would be fascinated. Keep up the good work.

    • John Nicholson Jnr says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. A school teacher who viewed the site has promised to ask his pupils what their reaction would have been if faced with having to put their head through the terrifying “little door” into the pitch blackness beyond (these are all mature late-teen students). I may be able to get some feedback.

  17. Ex Alex Park Girl says:

    Saw the Alex Park School photos and have added some names. Can anyone spot me?

  18. Pat Worsley (name at that time) says:

    I was at Alex Park from September 1945 to July 1955 – going back in time! Can anyone remember Mr Armstrong (History teacher); Mr Bennett (Head Master); Miss Rowlands; Miss Sanguinetti (Domestic Science); Miss Himber (School Secretary); Miss Bailey (Sports). Every day the milk was delivered in small glass bottles in crates, and in the winter they were placed on top of the pipes to warm for the pupils. We were looked after so well, especially directly after the war. Great to hear from anyone out there?

  19. john nicholson jnr says:

    Hello Pat,
    I was at Alex Park 1955-58. Miss Rowlands was a music teacher. She played the piano. Her nickname was “Katie”. We sang “The Keel Row” (lyrics in a Geordie accent) “Or whas (who’s) like ma Johnnie, say (so) reeth (?), so blythe, so bonny; he’s foremost ‘mongst the monny (many) keel lads o’ coaly Tyne. We also sang a negro spiritual with the amazing lyric: ” I never seen the like since I bin born when a big buck nigger with his sea boots on sang Johnnie come back to Hilo, poor old Joe” Political correctness = zero.
    Mr Bennett was a wonderful headmaster, even though I got the cane off him once,
    Can you remember Mr Walter R Heaven the history teacher?
    Mr .

  20. Jacqueline Hulme (nee Cooper) says:

    I was at Alex Park from 1947 to 1957 – failed 11+ and stayed on. I remember Katie, Mrs Bailey, Mr Bennett, Mr Armstrong, Miss Sanguinetti, Miss Ashton, Mr Grainger (geography)-lots of happy memories. Would love to hear from anyone.

  21. Geoffrey Hadfield says:

    I remember all the teachers you have mentioned,Armstrong,Rowlands,and Bennett who also gave me three of the best,( must have deserved it). The sports master I seem to remember was a Mr Cope who took football & cricket etc. I was at Alexandra from 1956-1960 if memory serves me right and classmates that come to mind were Mick Broome,Mick Hurst,Dave Glenn,Roy Blakeman,Mike Wilson as you also said and many others. I think I have some old photos somewhere I,will try and dig them out and put them on line ,get the grandson to help with that. Nice to find the web site.

  22. Louise Barson says:

    Hello, I am doing a local history project with Stockport TimeBank members ( Give2Gain at Land of Cakes building in Lower Hillgate). Our subject is Tom Wyatt and The Railway Inn as I have found his military records from 1903 to 1920 and got some information from Janet Nicholson’s post on North Cheshire Family History Society.
    He is an interesting chap and we are looking to have a small celebration in October 2016 to acknowledge 100 years of him achieveing rank of RSM. He had been mentioned for gallantry and bravery in dispatches. I would like to talk to anyone who knew him to find out about his life after he left the army in 1920 and up to him passing away in Mar 1961. I know he spent some time working for Heaton Norris Urban Council as a road sweeper.
    I have located descendants of his brother who died serving in the Navy in Scapa Flow in 1917. They have little information on Thomas Whyatt as their grandfather had died at such a young age but he & his wife had had one child the year before he was killed. With living in Scotland it was toof ar for the families to jkeep in touch.

    If anyone has any stories they could be share about Thomas or his relatives please can you contact me by email ( adapted on here to avoid spammers picking it up) on louisebarson AT
    We would really appreciate your help and you would be welcome to the event we are planning for October when we will be telling Tom’s story … a local lad who went to war.

    Any little bits of information would be great to add depth to Tom’s life story.
    Many thanks, Louise Barson

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