Alexandra Park – name that face!

Here’s a picture of my brother’s schooldays. It was taken at Alexandra Park School in 1958 when John was 13.
Click here for more information. - Alexandra Park Secondary yr3 - 1958

Alexandra Park Secondary yr3 - 1958 - Alexandra Park - reference

Alexandra Park - reference

John has made a start of naming his schoolmates as follows:

1 = John Nicholson (Nick)
4 = Ian Murphy (Spud)
8 = Crawford Wilson (Wilbur)
9 = Mr Briddock
22 = Lawrence Hayes (Lorrie)
25 = Dave Simpson (Simmy)

Another good friend of mine was Pete Whittaker (Whitty) , he’s on other photographs that will be published later.

Can you fill in any of the other names?

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8 Responses to Alexandra Park – name that face!

  1. Ex Alex Park Girl says:

    11 is Joy Foster, 15 is Jacqueline who lived in Dale St Edgeley,10 is Barbara Stanley, 13 is Avril Franks

    • Lynda Houghton says:

      I could name most of the girls and boys on the first two photographs as I knew most of them since starting school in 1951. On reading your article I have remembered more of the boys name, but I will name a few more 27 is David Seegar, 37 Marilyn Wells, 35 Barbara Bradshaw, 16 Pat Booth, 24 Terry Foukes, 31, I thnk is Vallery Knott but I’m not sure, if it is she changed a bit from the other two photographs. I can’t see anyone else that hasn’t already been mentioned. If you’re John Nicholson I remember you. Would be nice to hear from you. Lynda

  2. Ex Alex Park Boy says:

    Peter Bailey is 39 and David Chappel is 23.

  3. john nicholson jnr says:

    Hello Lynda,
    It was nice to hear from you; thanks for taking the trouble to post a comment and to add a few extra pieces to the “jigsaw”. David Seeger was nicknamed “Flip”, after the drink of the same name: “Seeger’s Egg Flip”. I also think 31 is named Valery Knott. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that she (or someone else) fell from the climbing bars that separated the Junior playground from the Seniors’ (next to the air raid shelter) and several teeth were casualties! Number 38, I believe is Phillip Goodwin and 3 is Danny Gee.
    I unfortunately left Alex Park in 1958 when we left Stockport, so I’ve had no contact with any of my ex-school chums. I was 18 when we moved back to the North and the links had been severed.
    It would be nice to put a face to the name. What number are you? Is Houghton your married name? What was your maiden name? Do you know the surname of Jacqueline (number 16)? 4′s first name was Alan. Do you know his surname? It was something like Johnson or Johnston? Can you name 18. I remember her well.
    Best Regards,
    John Nicholson

  4. think I know most of the kids but I left Stockport in 1967 when I first got married and haven’t seen anyone since, so here goes 2 is Alan Joynson 5 is Peter Williams 10 is Barbara Stanley 12 is Jean Bolas 13 is Avril Franks 16 is Pat Booth 17 Joy Foster 22 Lawrence Hayes 23 David Chappell 25 David Simpson 26 Alan Dwyer 27 David Seegar 29 Marylin Morris 30 Linda Sullivan 31 Valerie Knott 34 Barbara Harrop 35 me Barbara Bradshaw 37 Marylin Wells 38 Phillip Goodwin 39 Peter Bailey 40 David Briggs – cant remember the last one but on the other picture I remember Raymond Shenton and another one not on this pic called Kevin Roscoe.

  5. Sandra torkington says:

    Hi I went to Alec park my parents had the unity inn on Wellington road I was there until about 1961/2 then we moved to a pub in Manchester and now reside in stockport and have done since 1977 kind regards sandra

  6. margery shaw says:

    no 15 is Jacqueline Hopkins

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