New Local History Website created celebrates the opening of the new gallery in Turners arts and crafts in Stockport.

Over fifty years ago 91 Wellington Road was a boisterous, smoke filled public house called the Railway Inn and was home to my family. I was an infant then, so my memories are scant, but my brother has rich memories of the period.  The combination of John’s recollections and our family photos provide a fascinating insight into a bygone age.

Devils in the walls

Devils in the walls

One of the strangest anecdotes that John  recounts is of the days that the “Devils in the Walls” were discovered. You can read about  “The Devils in the Walls” here.

Recently, some murals have come to light, and you can view these for yourself in the new art gallery.

Janet Nicholson

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  1. Philip Hands says:

    Have logged-in to the website a couple of times and found it really interesting.
    John had previously told me about the “Devils in the Walls” but its the first time I have had the full account.
    You might like to consider having the murals professionally photographed to bring out the colours and details.
    Better still, consider having the murals line drawn as this would bring out all the remaining detail that is not necessarily readily visible in a colour photograph.
    Hope this helps.


    • Janet says:

      Hi Philip,
      Thanks for your interest! Yes, we certainly have in mind getting the photos professionally photographed. We can talk to Trisha (the owner) about having the murals hand drawn… maybe one of the local artists that use the gallery could be encouraged to help. :)

      An interesting development re the murals is that I’ve discovered that the Stockport archive has three photographs of the murals when they previously surfaced in the sixties. The photos haven’t been digitised yet so I haven’t seen them. One thing for sure, they’ll show more detail than the latest images as they wouldn’t have suffered the same amount of wear and tear. I’m keeping my eyes on the archive, and I’ll put a post up with more information when I have the more information.

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